About Us

Founded with the intention of providing high quality software solutions to companies in both private and government sector, E logic Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a pioneer in the software development field which has helped many companies to transform their businesses to enhance productivity and achieve new heights.

With the services ranging from “Software Solutions” to “Mobile Phone related Automation Systems”, the company has provided unique business solutions to some of the well reputed companies in Sri Lanka and abroad, following a Quality Management System, where the Quality of the services provided is guaranteed.

Service.lk is our newest product which has been introduced with the intention of providing various professional services for people who are unable to get the work done by themselves due to various reasons such a living in a different geographical area, etc. We are here to assist our clients with professional services based on their requirement, guaranteeing the reliability and the quality of the service we provide, taking online service providing in Sri Lanka to a new level. No matter what the service requirement is, we are here to assist our clients providing them with a wide range of services to cater their needs.